I guess spring time is the best for taking shoots, so many beatiful places with flowers or blossoming trees. We don't know what to pick up first. So today me in yellow fields (honestly, so many bees there!)
H&M garden collection was little dissapointment for me. I so looked foward to it and in the end I bought just this top. I really wanted the red one dress with flowers but they didn't have it here. But this top is cute. And the jacket. I bought it last summer and I so love it. Little motorbike style but make from silk. Great combination.
Well, enough of word. I'm tired, I was on party yestarday night, rock concert, and I danced a lot. Oh yes, I'm a big rocker when it comes for it (:
Have a nice week!


wearing H&M garden collection top, Zara silk jacket, shots remade from some pants, H&M tights, sunglasses and earrings, Camaieu bracelets and Bijou Brigette flower ring, KMM boots.


Foly D. Sante said...

vyzeras skvlee medzi tolkymi kvetmi

Markét a Tereza said...

Hele, my dvě jsme fakt jasný - to tílko mám taky a moje bundička ze Zary je taky dost podobná té tvojí:-)

Any said...

To bude vliv řečtiny :-D

mary said...

zase ti to moc sluší!!!...jinak řepková pole bohužel ještě nemáme když pořád prší..:(

Any said...

mary: díky! a tady je zhruba ode dny, kdy jsme tohle fotili tak hnusně, že je lepší ani nevylézat

Anonymous said...
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