Any in blossoming land

I love spring. When everything is blossoming, it's getting warmer and warmer, when you go out with bare legs for the first time... Past weekend was just like that.

Let's talk about this dress for a while. They're one of my latest seconhand purchase. I really don't shop in seconhands very often. Mainly 'cos seconhands here sucks, they do not have pretty, original vintage stuffs but some weird, non-shape sort of clothes made from synthetic. BUT lately I discovered some good seconhand shops and I already own some seconhand pieces. And this dress is one of them. Definitely prettiest dress I own, makes me feel like a princess.

Well, have a good week, I feel little sick, so I hope it's nothing seriouse.

wearing secondhand dress with Tamaris heels, vintage jewelary and HM "bug" in my hair


Foly D. Sante said...

vidim,ze oteplenie si naplno uzivas:)
vsak kto nie?
krasna sponka vo vlaosch

mary said...

ty šaty jsou naprosto nádherný...vlastně celý outfit...boty a hlavně sponka!!..jako minule krásně jarní..:d

Markét a Tereza said...

Krásný fotky! Ty se vám fakt povedly! A je docela nezvyk vidět tě v takových šatičkách...ale je to příjemný nezvyk, vypadáš moc pěkně:-)

Any said...

Moc díky všem!