nothing but black can be new black

(mum's handmade jumper, vintage backpack and silk scaff as headband, Jefteris Joanidis nacklace)

This photo was taken back in May. Whole series went wrong, but I like this one, so I was thinking it would be pity not post it.

Tahle fotka byla vyfocená v květnu. Celá série moc dobře nevyšla a tohle je jediný obrázek, co se mi z ní líbí, tak jsem si říkala že by byla škoda ji sem nedat.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow! It's hand-made?! It's lovely!! xoxoxoxo

Ashley said...

Loving the look of that black sweater! Your mom made it? I wish my mom would knit me things, hehe! :)


Any said...

Yes, my mum really made it. She´s handy :-) I soon show you new sweater she just made for me!